An Introduction to the most challenging conversation in human history…

This is the first of two introductory online video learning series here in Living Resilience / Deep Academy.

We intend for this series of videos, articles, practices and support meetings, to be of great assistance both for newcomers to the collapse-aware community – and for those who have years, even decades of experience here.

The shorthand expression of our mission in this work, is that we are: Offering transformative support and resources to people bravely facing human-caused collapse of Earth and Human Systems.

We are a small and deeply passionate community of kindred spirits – committed to expanding our ability to be present, connected and fully alive in the face of ever increasing global and local stressors.

We hope you find these two (LITW and Resilience) introductory courses engaging and valuable. If so, you may want to join us in the ongoing, Deep Academy Community of Practice group.

To access additional related content, support group sessions or individual or group coaching, contact…

Dean Walker