Deep Adaptation – Jem Bendell – UPFSI – 2019

Jan 28, 2019 | Articles, Deep Adaptation, Inspiration and Reconnection

Professor Jem Bendell, in an interview with Stuart Scott of UPFSI and ScientistsWarning.TV, fleshing out his distinction, Deep Adaptation.

Professor Bendell is a rare voice speaking truth to power, speaking to the world, but also to his colleagues in the Sustainable Business arena. His 2018 writings were deemed too fear-inducing to be published in their journal, so he published them himself. The writings and Bendell have gone viral.

I find the core themes of Bendell’s Deep Adaptation to be completely consistent with the work of Living Resilience. Our articles, online learning offerings, resilience coaching and support groups / Safe Circles… are all intended to support those brave enough to face our shared global predicaments.

Professor Bendell:

ScientistsWarning.TV :
Stuart Scott.