Living Resilience

Reconnection, Resources and Deep Adaptation

What is Living Resilience?

We are living in times of global collapse of Earth and Human systems. Humanity, particularly those of privilege, wealth and power, is still reluctant to be fully aware of this collapse, much less to be responsible for it. The calling of our times is to reconnect with the sources of meaning and belonging in human life – sources and sensitivities we have all forfeited in order to participate in and benefit from, our Business as Usual Human Operating System. The immense costs of our collective disconnection from the web of life and the sources of meaning in life: Deeper Self, Other Beings and Earth herself, have become painfully obvious in every aspect of life on Earth. We are an adolescent culture that appears to have invited in shadow, trauma and addiction where humans once carried our birthright sense of interbeing with the miraculous Web of Life.

What if the bravest thing we could now do –
Was to admit to the collapse we’ve caused…  

What if the wisest thing we could now do –
Was to invite that collapse? 


Living Resilience Coaching is designed to reconnect us with all dimensions of that web of life, including our deeper selves, other beings and Earth herself. We are also committed to gathering and crafting the most powerful practices we can find to equip a sincere practitioner with tools that promote our resilience in the face of our global predicaments and our many local challenges at every level.

Safe Circle

We, in our small and passionate organization, are committed to providing safe environments, powerful tools, and coaching for those who are brave enough to face directly our many global problems, challenges, and predicaments. Safe Circle Calls are a safe environment where each person can share and be heard, without being attacked or judged and an opportunity for kindred spirits to gather together to share their ups and downs related to living in a world of folks who are willfully ignorant about our situation.


The Poetry of Predicament

Latest Episodes

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The Impossible Conversation

Dean Walker recounts his transformational journey from his first contact with the shocking data and projections of Abrupt Climate Change – to the mind blowing awareness of the full scope of the global problems and predicaments we all must face.