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Extinction Anxiety, By Randy Morris, Ph.D.

(Address for “Psyche and the Spirit of the Times: Psychoanalyzing Trumpism” given at Antioch University Seattle.)   In order to talk about extinction anxiety I first need to address epistemological anxiety, otherwise, you won’t know if what I am saying to you is a bunch of ‘fake news’ served up by yet another privileged white…

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Collapse Data Cheat Sheet

  Reposted from Reddit: Collapse ► 99% of Rhinos gone since 1914. ► 97% of Tigers gone since 1914. ► 90% of Lions gone since 1993. ► 90% of Sea Turtles gone since 1980. ► 90% of Monarch Butterflies gone since 1995. ► 90% of Big Ocean Fish gone since 1950. ► 80% of Antarctic…

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