Climate denial

Shades of Climate Change Denial – Helena Dearnell

(reprinted from Medium) Shades of Climate Change Denial Helena Dearnell Denial is defined as a refusal to accept reality, especially when it is unpleasant to contemplate or not convenient to our desires and goals. We live in a highly efficient and technologically advanced culture in which our daily life reassures us about the inevitability of…

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The Depravity of Climate Change Denial – Paul Krugman – NYT

(read this in the New York Times oped) The Trump administration is, it goes without saying, deeply anti-science. In fact, it’s anti-objective reality. But its control of the government remains limited; it didn’t extend far enough to prevent the release of the latest National Climate Assessment, which details current and expected future impacts of global…

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You Too are in Climate Change Denial – David Wallace Wells

David Wallace Wells.New York Magazine.December 2018. You, too, are in denial. We all are, nearly every single one of us as individuals, even those of us who are following the bad news that suggests “the climate change problem is starting to look too big to solve”; every nation, almost none of them meeting their climate…

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