Dean Interviewed on Last Born in the Wilderness.

(edited version. dw) My thanks to Patrick Farnsworth and his podcast, Last Born in the Wilderness, for this conversation about the current and imminent collapse of human and Earth systems – and how we might use this moment as an opportunity to intentionally reconnect with: our deeper selves, others and Earth. Isn’t it amazing that…

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This Civilization is Finished – Video – Rupert Read

This is a very clear and powerful synopsis of our current global situation. Well worth the time. (DW) Dr Rupert Read is a Reader in Philosophy at the University of East Anglia. Rupert is a specialist in Wittgenstein, environmental philosophy, critiques of Rawlsian liberalism, and philosophy of film. His research in environmental ethics and economics…

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The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the USA – NWF

This report would be strong support while watching any of our many podcast interviews with report author, Lise Van Susteren. In this report they estimate over 200 million Americans will be impacted with psychological stress as climate change and extreme weather events become more common – now…and in the very near future. In more recent…

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