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Wetiko Inside and Outside: A Remarkable Teaching Moment

Wetiko Inside and Outside: A Remarkable Teaching Moment By Carolyn Baker   This thing of darkness, I acknowledge mine. “The Tempest,” William Shakespeare   In this time of extinction—whatever that means and whenever it may occur, we owe a huge debt to Paul Levy for giving us Dispelling Wetiko. In that extraordinary book, Levy writes…

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Telling the Climate Truth. Gaius Publius.

This article in Naked Capitalism and Down With Tyranny, is as strong an expression of climate realism and sober strategizing as I’ve seen. Of the now many responses to the David Wallace-Wells NY Magazine article, this one nails it for me and us here at Living Resilience.   Living Resilience readers looking for other sober…

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The Uninhabitable Earth. NY Magazine. July 9, 2017

  In a July 9, 2017 article in New York Magazine, David Wallace-Wells did what very few mainstream journalists are willing to do. Wallace-Wells articulated a list of impacts and symptoms that we can look forward to in the very near future, if we stay on the Business as Usual track we are on. Clearly…

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