A Care Package for Climate Grief – Mary Annaïse Heglar

Feel Something, Learn Something, Do Something: A Care Package for Climate Grief Mary Annaïse Heglar Oct 22, 2018 About two weeks ago, I wrote about my personal journey through climate grief and mourning. The response to that piece, including its subsequent publication in Vox, has been overwhelming to say the very least. Humbling in all…

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Is climate change driving you to despair? Sara S. Moore

(To read this article in Ensia) Sara S. Moore offers some strong resilience guidance for the collapse aware. Sara S. Moore @stripeygirlcat Climate change adaptation researcher September 19, 2017 — The damage climate change does in terms of loss of life, health and property has been under the microscope of researchers for many years. Only…

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Introduction: Dean Walker’s New Book (Fall 2018)

NEW BOOK: INTRODUCTION Dean Spillane-Walker July 2018   My frustration with these greedy, lying bastards is personal. Human-caused climate disruption is not a belief – it is one of the best-studied phenomena on Earth. Even a half-wit can understand this. As any father would, anyone threatening my family will by on the receiving end of…

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