Civil liberties

Homo Icarus – Bayo Akomolafe

(To read this on Bayo’s website) Homo Icarus: The Depreciating Value of Whiteness and the Place of Healing Bayo Akomolafe Dedicated to those who are putting their bodies on the line to protect the voiceless, the invisible and the occluded – and to my ‘father-uncle’, Engineer Tokunbo Obayan, who passed away a few days ago.…

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Confounded On The Bridge Between Worlds, By Carolyn Baker

Like so many individuals, I was compelled last week to bear witness to the contrived crisis created by the Trump Administration at the southern US border. The images, the sounds, the stories continue to swirl in my head even as this week brings a host of new, vivid, and shocking reports. I lived on the…

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