Collapse Aware

The Psychological Effects of Global Warming on the United States

An estimated 200 million Americans will be exposed to serious psychological distress from climate related events and incidents: The severity of symptoms will vary, but in many instance the distress will be great. In the coming years, a majority of Americans will experience direct adverse effects from the impacts of global warming. Natural disasters and…

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The Five Stages of Awareness

This piece is an excerpt from one chapter of my next book / workbook combination, due out Winter of 2018-2019… I have added just a few brief comments to Paul Chefurka’s clear and useful model for utilizing systems-thinking as one faces our predicament-laden world…Dean Walker. _______________________________ Five Stages of Awareness One of the most potent…

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Capitalism Must Die For Environment to Live

Capitalism and global sustainability are incongruous with one another, according to a recent paper for the UN’s 2019 Global Sustainable Development Report. The team of researchers from various academic institutions throughout Finland who wrote the report gave a sobering assessment of the planet’s future if the current economic order continues unabated. Namely, that all rich…

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