A Most Dangerous Assumption. Harvey Austin.

Aug 26, 2017 | Articles, Purpose Vision Mission, Reconnect With Earth

            A Most Dangerous Assumption

“…It was amazing how many people

thought money could buy them exception

from the laws of nature.”

S.M. Stirling

Dies in the Fire, 2004, p. 5.


This is the grave mistake we make as a western culture, particularly as an American culture. We assume, because we have so much money and have been privileged for so long, we can get away with being predators of our own home.


Nature has a way of dealing with parasites who overstep their bounds. Since the beginning of time she has countered threats to her balance. All-powerful, she is poised to reduce the threat from our brilliant but rapacious species.


We, in our arrogant adolescence, have placed our species in grave danger of becoming a failed experiment.


Harvey Austin